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Yasmine Smart
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1981 : Awarded "La dame de Cirque", Montecarlo Circus Festival
           Peter Jay, Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth

1982 : Cirque d'hiver- Bouglione, Paris

1982 : Cirkus Arnardo, Norway

1982-1983 : Cirque Pauwels, Paris

1983 : Circus Holiday, Holland
           Awarded the Oscar Carre Trophy in Holland

1984 : Peter Jays Circus, Blackpool Tower

1985 : Austrian National Circus, Jacobi Althoff
           Awarded a Silver Clown for her Liberty Display Montecarlo Circus Festival

1986 : Award for the best trained horse act, Gent, Belgium.
           Trophy Anne Marie Puttevils Circus fans of Belgium
           Gerry Cottles Circus- UK and Ireland

1987 : Appeared at the international Jumping and Dressage Masters of Germany

1988  : Austrian National Circus Award for the best animal act.

1989 : The International Interpolis Circus Award for her exceptional humane      
equestrian dressage.
            Awarded the Cultura de Roma Golden Circus Award, Verona.

1989-1994 : Circus Busch-Roland, Germany

1990 : Indoor showjumping, Stuttgart. First prize for horse display.

1991 : Austen Brothers Circus, Battersea Park, London
           Appeared at the Arab prestige, Ostend . Belgium.
           Appeared at the Crinière d'Or- Cheval Passion, Avignon, France.

1992 : Appeared at the Crinière d'Or - Avignon.
           Circus Festival Monte Carlo winning 'La Dame du Cirque' and ' Spencer
1993 : Circus Festival Massy ( Paris) Winning first prize

1994 : "Best British Equestrian Act" - Circus Fans of Great Britain
            Appeared at the Bremen Indoor showjumping, Germany, and the Maastricht        
Indoor Showjumping.
            Also Berlin, London (Olympia), Kile, Leipzig, Frankfurt.

1995 : Circus Carre, Holland, Belgium

1996 - 2003 : Part of the Circus Roncalli Show (Germany)

2002 : Appeared at the Weihnachts-Circus (Circus Knie) at Stuttgart in December,
showing 18 liberty horses.

2004 - 2008 : Big Apple Circus, New York, USA

2007 : On the Jury at the Monte Carlo Festival

2009- Great British Circus- training six black Dutch Friesian horses

2010- Giffords Circus- ''Yasmine - A Musical''

2010-2011 - Christmas season presenting horses for Stephan Agnesson ' Circus    
Festival Liege ' Belgium

2011 and 2012-  'Zippos Circus ' U.K. presenting Liberty horses and introducing her
new High school horse.

2012 Feb  ' Part of the Jury  at Budapest Circus Festival.

2012 Dec 25th till 30th Roermond Introducing her new High Scool act 'The Tango'

2013 January 'part of the jury ' at the circus festival in Paris 'Cirque de Demain'
2013 until Jan 2014 Touring Holland with Circus Herman Renz
2014 Ringmistress Billy Smart's Circus UK
2014 Inducted into The Circus Hall Of Fame in the USA
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