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Yasmine Smart
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Updated news !
Since 2004 Yasmine has been training and presenting horses for various circus's.
She finished with the Big Apple Circus in the USA and came back to Europe in 2009!
In 2010 she joined Giffords Circus where she trained 3 different horse acts and presented them for the tour of 'Yasmine a Musical' which was based on her life.
In 2011 and "2012 she was touring with Zippo's Circus presenting there liberty horses and introducing her new High School Horse Diamond !
In December 2012 she went to Holland performing with her new' High School Tango' in The Cirque d'Hiver Roermond and then went on tour with Circus Herman Renz!
Yasmine has now returned to the UK and after many years returning to her role as Ringmistress of Billy Smarts Circus touring the UK !
2014 has been an exciting year for Yasmine as she has been inducted into The Circus Hall Of Fame in the USA!
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